Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are available to illuminate areas during the overnight hours These lights will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Parke County REMC will install a new light on an existing PCREMC pole with secondary voltage present free of charge. If a new pole is required, there will be an installation fee to deliver and set the pole which will be owned and maintained by PCREMC. If no secondary voltage exists, PCREMC will provide and install 150' of overhead secondary wire free of charge. However, if a transformer installation is required to provide secondary voltage for the new light only, an additional monthly charge will be added on top of the monthly charge for the light itself. Below are monthly charges (maintenance included) and fees for the types of lights we offer. For information about this product, you can email us at info@pcremc.com, call us at (765)569-3133 or (800)537-3913, or stop by our office located at 119 West High Street in Rockville.

Type C.U. Number Wattage Lamp Monthly Charge
Type 7 SL-7 40 LED $12.00
Type 8 SL-8 73 LED $18.50
Type 12 SL-9 240 LED $43.00