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We're planning for a BIG change!

Parke County REMC will be moving to a new location and building a brand new facility.

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Parke County REMC to Sell Current Facility to the Town of Rockville 

Rockville, IN – April 22, 2022 – The Rockville Town Board and Parke County REMC have come to an agreement for REMC to sell their office building, warehouse, and pole yard to the town of Rockville and  relocate. The Rockville Town Board made a proposal to purchase Parke County REMC’s facilities with a desire to relocate their utility office, police department, and fire department together in one location. “The Town Board identified a need for a new facility and reviewed various options,” says Board President,  David Brown. “Top considerations included location, current functionality, and financial feasibility; and  this property will meet our needs.” 

Parke County REMC recognized this as an opportunity for the town, while also considering their needs  for growth. “Our current location has served us well for nearly 80 years, but as we look to the future, we  need additional space to accommodate our employees, members, supplies, and equipment,” says Chadd  Jenkins, CEO of Parke County REMC. “We are proud to provide electricity to rural portions of Parke, Putnam, Clay, Vigo, Fountain, and Montgomery counties. With currently over 12,400 meters and 1,865  miles of line, a new facility more centrally located will serve our membership well into the future.” 

“We appreciate Parke County REMC’s effort to find a solution that benefits the town and their membership,” says Board President, David Brown. “Our goal as the Town Board is to have all our  services easily accessible for our community.” 

Parke County REMC’s new facility will be located 4.2 miles east of Rockville at the intersection of  Highway 36 and County Road 500 E. “We look forward to being more centrally located in our service  territory. Our new location will allow our crews to respond quicker, while also being more accessible for our membership,” says CEO Jenkins.  

Parke County REMC and the Town of Rockville offices will remain at their current locations as REMC’s  new facility is constructed. Expected completion date is winter 2023.  For more information  from the Rockville Town Board, please contact the Rockville Clerk Treasurer’s Office at 103 W. High  Street.  

Parke County REMC, located in Rockville, IN, is a nonprofit and member-owned electric cooperative  serving over 9,800 consumers in rural portions of Parke, Putnam, Clay, Vigo, Fountain, and Montgomery  counties. The electric cooperative maintains approximately 1,865 miles of line.



Why is Parke County REMC relocating? 

The Rockville Town Board made a proposal to purchase our building, and while our building has served us well for nearly 80 years, the need for additional space to accommodate our employees, members, material, and equipment is apparent. With the town’s offer to purchase our current facility, the board decided it was a great opportunity to explore building a new facility, more centrally located, that will serve our cooperative well into the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Facility

Where is Parke County REMC relocating? 

The new facility will be located 4.2 miles east of our current facility. Property has been purchased just west of Bellmore at the intersection of County Road 500 E and Highway 36. You can view a detailed map of the location.

How was the new location for Parke County REMC chosen? 

Management discussed various options around Rockville, as well as outside the city limits. Moving closer to Bellmore allows us to be more centrally located within our service territory. One goal was to provide power to our own facility. 

What new features will the new facility have? 

In addition to having applicable space for employees, equipment, and material, we are exploring the option of including a drive-through and community room. 

When will the new facility be completed? 

The Rockville Town Board has agreed to let us stay at our current facilities for two years. Our plan is for our new facility to be completed in the winter of 2023. 

How will the new facility affect Parke County REMC's rates? 

Parke County REMC strives to provide service at a competitive cost for our membership. Based on the sale of the current property and the quotes for a new facility, management expects the increase to range from $1.75-$2.25 per meter, per month.

Here is a more detailed map of the new location:
New Locatin Map
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