Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is one of the most expensive maintenance programs Parke County REMC conducts.  Trees can cause outages, blinks, or serious safety issues near power lines.  It is important to let the REMC trim or even cut down trees near the primary power lines.

If you have a tree or trees you are wanting trimmed or cut down, e-mail us at or call (765)569-3133 or (800)537-3913 to arrange an appointment for a repairman to come out and see if they can assist you with the project.

Parke Professional Services, LLC was created in September 2005 by Parke County REMC to clear trees from the electric distribution lines.  They currently have a goal of a four-year rotation in clearing trees from the rights-of-ways. For more information on PPS, LLC call 765-569-3133 and ask for the Right-of-Way Supervisor.

The information contained in this section is intended to help you, our member, better understand necessary maintenance procedures of our right of way and answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding trimming and re-clearing of right of ways and removal of trees in or near PARKE COUNTY REMC’s overhead high voltage electric lines.

Trees are recognized for their tremendous contribution to our environment. Unfortunately, trees growing in the wrong place have the potential to threaten the reliability of your electric service.

Electric utilities have long recognized trees as the leading cause for unplanned service interruptions, including both sustained duration outages and momentary interruptions. Trees growing in and around electric facilities can cause electrical faults and impede access to facilities when emergency or routine repairs are required. Trees also provide an environment conducive to squirrels and raccoons, which are another common cause of electric service interruptions.​

Most important, however, is the safety of the general public, utility personnel, and contract employees that may be compromised by trees to close to energized equipment and lines. It should be noted trees and tree branches cause over 60% of the outages that interrupt service on our system. Not only is each tree different from every other tree because of site conditions and genetic variations, each tree is changing and growing constantly throughout its lifetime. The problem is not one of managing an ever changing tree, but managing a population of tens of thousands of trees. We are dedicated to providing you, our member, with safe, reliable, uninterrupted electric service. With your help, cooperation, and assistance our goal becomes more achievable when we work together.​

Parke County REMC manages and maintains over 1,400 miles of overhead high voltage electric lines throughout its six county service area including Clay, Parke, Vigo , Fountain, Montgomery and Putnam counties.

We start with a clear path when we run new electric lines to an area. Trees are removed, underbrush is cleared and nearby trees are trimmed so there is adequate clearance for the line. Just as it is the Cooperative’s responsibility to clear the path at the time of new construction of lines, it is also our responsibility to keep the path clear, trim trees and remove trees away from high voltage lines.

At the time a new line is built permission and easement rights have been granted for the line to be placed in its current location. This easement allows us entrance on the property to maintain and keep clear and safe energized equipment and lines. With the passing of time and change in property owners this important fact is sometime not passed to the new owners.

Our goal is to maintain a 4-year maintenance tree trimming and re-clearing cycle. This means we will return every 4 years to trim, clear or remove trees that have grown to a point that may cause safety or reliability problems. This is performed by substation area. The work is contracted out and performed by certified utility line clearance specialists.​

Parke County REMC or a representative of the company hired to perform the work will make every attempt to notify you before work is done on your property. If no one is at home at the time of notification, a door hanger will be left at your residence notifying you who the clearing contractor will be, when work will begin and what type work needs to be done.

Every attempt will be made when trimming is required to do so with an eye for symmetry and the natural shape of the tree. This may not always be possible due to the proximity of the tree to energized equipment or lines and the specie of the tree.

When trimming and re-clearing is done you should be aware that the higher the voltage is of a particular line or equipment the greater the clearance and distance is required and maintained.

It may become necessary, given the trees specific type, condition and location to energized equipment or lines, to remove the tree totally rather than to continue an on going trimming procedure.

As trees age, they may become defective and pose a direct danger if they would fall into electric lines or equipment. These trees would include but not be limited to dead, weak, split, cracked, leaning, hollow or uprooted trees. Every attempt will be made to identify these trees and eliminate the possibility of interruption to electric service. Should you notice a danger tree please contact us as soon as possible.

The maintenance, trimming, re-clearing or removal of trees that is required to safe guard the electric lines and equipment on your property will be done at no cost to you.