Operation Round Up

Small change makes a big difference in our community through our Operation Round Up program.

What is Operation Round Up?

REMC members can allow their electric bills to be "rounded up" to the next dollar each month. Those few extra cents are added to the Operation Round Up fund each month. The combined effort of hundreds of members participating helps this account grow to thousands of dollars which can be used for grants in our local community.

Who are the Participants?

Participation in Operation Round Up® is strictly voluntary. Members will have an opportunity to choose whether or not to participate.

Where does my donation go?

All Operation Round Up™® donations are placed in a trust fund and administered by an independent Board of Directors. The Trust is made up of community leaders who serve on the Board on a voluntary basis.

This Board receives and evaluates all requests for funds and determine how they will be distributed. Typically, the funding is used to address crucial needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education, but it is not limited to these categories. 

For example:
Member's monthly bill: $52.73
Rounded up amount: $53.00

Added to Operation Round Up® Fund*: $.0.27

*Donations are tax deductible, and members are sent a summary of their yearly contributions each January and February.

Deadlines for Grant Applications

January 5, 2021

March 2, 2021

June 1, 2021

September 7, 2021

Applications MUST be submitted by 12:00 noon on the deadline date.
The Trust does NOT provide grants for:
  • Fraternal, labor, political, religious or sectarian groups

  • For-profit business startups or development

  • Endowments or endowed chairs

  • Grant-making entities

  • Long-term funding

  • On-going support for operating costs

  • After-the-fact/post-event situations

  • Fund-raising events, post-prom, or post-graduation activities

  • Groups or individuals to attend seminars or to take field trips

  • Advertising

  • Payments of any type of utility bill


All requests must be made in writing. No personal presentations are accepted. All applications for funds will be given consideration. No faxed or electronically mailed copies will be accepted. Grant requests are considered on a quarterly basis and are made on a one-year basis. If a grant is approved, the organization must wait one year until reapplying. Re-application is necessary for consideration of a grant renewal.


The Trust receives numerous requests, therefore every request cannot be fulfilled either in full or part. We prefer to select those activities that provide the greatest benefit to individuals or to the community. The Trust will evaluate all programs based on community or individual need, practicality and feasibility.

Operation Round Up Board Members

John Pratt, Chairman.  Mike Rissler- Vice Chairman and Terry Bruner – Secretary/Treasurer

Kathy Collom, Sally Curley, Dennis Fordice, Sharon Harmon, Chris Sanders, Marilee Pearson, Diana Ruark.

How to apply for a grant

Grants are available for both individuals or local organizations and agencies. 

Please select the appropriate application, download it, complete it and return it to the REMC. We previously asked that 11 copies be submitted of the application, which is no longer needed. Please only submit one copy of the application. 

Organizations should also submit the following information and documents:

  • One-page summary letter.

  • Detailed budget for the project.

  • Prior income and expense statements for the project.

  • A list of the board of directors, noting officers and a list of staff members, including names and addresses.

  • Complete proposal narrative and key supporting documents such as charts, graphs or maps.

  • Letter of endorsement from your president or chief administrative officer.

  • Current year budget for total organization.

  • Most recent annual report.

  • Most recent audit or year-end financial statement.

  • Listing of other funding sources expected to support this project.

  • Any other information which will help present a complete and accurate picture of your organization.

Report of Operation Round Up Grants Awarded
January 2020 
J.U.G.A (Bellmore) Volunteer Fire Department $5,759.85
The grant will help purchase updated power equipment to enhance their response and support services. 
Purdue Extension of Parke County $2,000.00
The grant will assist the extension educators in Parke, Vigo, and Putnam Counties with educating local families on eating healthy while on a budget. The funds will be used to help purchase food and supplies for the classes. 
Putnam County Habitat for Humanity $2,500.00
The grant will help with the installation of a new septic system for a new home. 
January 2020 
Parke Co 4-H Swine Committee received $7,000.00
The grant will help make improvements to the farigrounds swine barn, including a 20 x 80 ft. addition, gutters, and new windows. 
Historic Ritz Theater received $2,000.00
The grant will help purchase a new ice machine for the concession stand. 
Parke Heritage Alphas Youth Wrestling received $500.00
The grant will help purchase medical supplies and equipment. 
Panter Alumni & Friends Touchdown Club received $1,600.00
The grant will help with the expenses of hauling dirt to the practice football field to improve current conditions and prevent injuries. 
Parke County Youth Football League received $3,200.00
The grant will help purchase the remaining equipment needed and new jerseys for the 2020
March 2020
Family Support Services of West Central Indiana received $4,000.00
The grant will help provide services, counseling, and awareness to victims of domestic violence and assault.
Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau/JUMP Program received $1,075.00
The grant will help the JUMP Program supply youth in the community with needed hygiene products and a back to school pizza party. 
Partnership Parke County received $1,000.00
The grant will help with the rental fee for the Commercial Building during the Parke County Fair. 
Parke Heritage Middle/High School Buddy Bags received $2,000.00
The grant will help feed food deprived students on the weekends.
Child-Adult Resource Services received $3,467.00
The grant will help purchase durable furniture for a new program at the Parke Center, which will serve senior citizens with intellectual disabilities. 
Parke County Community Handbell Choir received $2,047.00
The grant will help with refurbishing handbells used by the choir during performances. 
June 2020
Parke County Resource Center $3,000.00
The grant will help supply the food pantry with additional food due to the rapid growth of families served.
Mountie Mission, Inc. $1,000.00
The grant will help provide new clothes, school supplies, and backpacks to low income families.
Kid Care Project, Inc. $1,585.00
The grant will help purchase Filemaker Pro, software that tracks clients and inventory.
September 2020
Putnam County Giving Tree, Inc. $5,000.00
The grant will help supply Christmas gifts and ALDI's gift cards to families in need residing in Putnam County. 
Waveland Volunteer Fire Department $6,047.00
The grant will help purchase and install a Generac Generator. The generator will allow the volunteers to provide additional service readiness and back up support for regular and mutual aid areas.
Clay County Genealogical Society, Inc. $234.80
The grant will help purchase 12 signs to direct visitors to their location. 
  January 2019  
Putnam County Operation LIfe EMS received $2.444.00
The grant helped purchase 2 Viking Series 800 MHZ portable radios
New Market Community Volunteer Fire Dept. received $6,016.49
The funds helped replace existing and non-operational handheld area, portable area and scene lighting.
Parke- Vermillion County Humane Society received $5,000.00
The grant helped replace a furnace, upgrade electrical system,  and fix dryer venting/exhaust issues.
Buddy Bag Program (Riverton Parke Jr/Sr High School) received $2,817.50
The grant will help provide needy students with food over the weekends
 March 2019  
Mountie Mission Inc.received $1,000.00
The grant helps provide new school clothes, school supplies, and backpacks to children in need.
Partnership Parke County received $500.00
The grant will help with rental fee of Commercial Building at the Parke Co. Fair for local vendors to setup and showcase their services and products
Parke County 4-H Fair Inc. received $4,000.00
To help with replacement of gutters on Commercial Building
Camp MoCoRobo received $2,800.00
This grant provides support for 20 campers to attend camp which helps them develop skills in computer programming, leadership and problem-solving
Clay County Historical Society Inc. received $3,000.00
The grant will fund replacing hazardous sidewalk on west side of museum.
  June 2019  
Rockville Rotary Club received $4,000.00
The funds will pay to install water hydrants and fencing, rock for parking area, and overhead garage door on building at Parke County community garden.
J.U.G.A (Bellmore) Volunteer Fire Dept. received $4,386.49
The grant will be used to purchase 8 medical response bags and all supplies necessary to fully stock them.
  September 2019  
Family Health & Help Center received $1,575.00
The grant will help replace automatic doors (Tormax TTXII Operator) & AED LifePak CR Plus/Express battery and pads.
Phil The Need, Inc. received $9,000.00
To help with software renewal and the purchase of a box truck for volunteers to use when distributing furniture/appliances to needy residents.
Parke County Veterans Office received $875.00
The funds were used to purchase a new computer to help complete claims for Parke County Veterans more quickly.
Parke County Community Food Pantry received $2,000.00
The grant was used to purchase a pallet stacker to help stack pallets of food.
Putnam County 4-H Poultry Club received $5,400.00
The grant helped install cement floor & drainage in poultry barn.
Marshall Volunteer Fire Dept. received $5,675.00
The grant was used to purchase a gear extractor to wash their gear to remove cancer causing carcinogens.
  March 2018  

Montgomery County Youth Service received $1,793.99.
Grant will be used towards purchase of a laptop and software, hygiene bags along with creation of a video on how best to use hygiene products.  Will also be used to develop an animated video for the purpose of suicide prevention.
Russellville Community Volunteer Fire Department received $9,696.66
Funds will be used to purchase two 800 mhz handheld radios.  The addition of these two radios will help with communications and safety to all responses.
Partnership Parke County received $500
Funds will help with rental fee of the Commercial Building during the Parke County 4-H Fair.  Local vendors/exhibitors are invited to setup booth space which allows them to showcase their products/services and have interaction with the community.
Lyford Volunteer Fire Department received $5,000
Grant will help purchase a portable pump to be used on their tanker truck.  The pump will also be able to be removed and used to pump water from creeks, ponds, rivers or any other static water source.
Southwest Parke Community Schools received $5,000.00
Money will help support the establishment of Innovation Labs in each elementary building.  These labs will contain materials and curriculum for STEM/STEAM activities to grow students in the 21st Century skills necessary for today's workforce.
  June 2018  
J.U.G.A (Bellmore) Fire Department received $3,370.96
The grant will be used toward the purchase of equipment for cardiac arrest management & training.
Parke Heritage Dance Team received $1,900.00
The funds will be used to assist with 50% of the start up costs associated with the dance team.
Parke County Sheriff's Office received $4,447.96
The grant will help pay for the replacement of 11 bullet proof vests.
 September 2018  
MainStreet Rockville received $3,000.00
The grant will help pay for landscaping, weed control, signage and benches.


has been awarded to date! 

Operation Round Up Grant  Photos

Partnership Parke County

Accepting the award is Administrative Assistant, Alice Finch.

REMC Multi-County Community Trust (Operation Roundup) recently awarded Partnership Parke County $500.00 to help with the rental fee of the Commercial Building during the Parke County 4-H Fair. The invitation of local vendors/exhibitors gives an opportunity to showcase their goods and services and also have interaction with the community. 


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