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Choose the billing plan that works best for you.

Pre-paid Electric Service

Prepaid members do not have to pay a deposit to start a new electric account.  This is a pay-as-you-go plan, so there are no monthly bills. Members must start the account with a minimum of $25. If you are an existing member and wish to convert to a prepaid account, any deposit previously paid will be applied to any outstanding balance and the purchase of future energy use. If you are ready to sign up for this service, visit our Prepaid Service page and complete the online form. If you need more info  call us at 800-537-3913 or contact us by email

Levelized Billing Plan

One of the most difficult things about an electric bill is that each month is typically a different amount, depending on the weather and electric use.  If you prefer to have your electric bill averaged over 12 months, fill our the Levelized Billing Plan Application. (Note, this does not reduce the overall amount you pay for electricity in a year. The program will determine your total-due payment amount by averaging the most recent 12 months actual electric usage. Based on this method, the total-due amount may vary slightly from month to month.)

Invoice Billing Plan

Invoice Billing can put all of your same cycle bills on one “INVOICE”, instead of the two or more bill statements you currently receive. This combines all accounts with the same account number within the same billing cycle.

There are only three requirements:

  1. All accounts must be within the same billing cycle.

  2. The account number must be the same, with only the last two digits (separator numbers) different.

  3. We need your approval to combine your bills to one easy to read INVOICE. 

Ready to sign up? Just fill out the Invoice Billing Application

E-Bill Application 

Cut the clutter by signing up to receive your electric bill via email. Compelte the E-bill Application today!

EnviroWatts Program

Did you know Parke County REMC gives you access to renewable energy? If you like the idea of “Green Power,” EnviroWatts is the program for you!

Top three reasons to support EnviroWatts.

  1. The more electric cooperative members who tell us they want EnviroWatts, the more “good energy” we will buy.

  2. We will give part of every EnviroWatts dollar to support local efforts that help make our environment cleaner.

  3. If you want to help the environment, this is simply the right thing to do.

Need more info? Check out our EnviroWatts FAQ,  Ready to participate? Fill out this form.

Billing Fees and Information

Visit the Billing Fees and Information section, for an explanation of what makes up a bill and how the billing process works. Also, we have explained the fees and how they may apply to a particular situation. At Parke County REMC, we want to educate you on the investment you have trusted to the cooperative and benefits it creates.

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