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Parke County REMC


Scholarship Program Eligibility:

  • Parke County REMC member’s children, who will be attending accredited colleges or a trade school as first-year students in the Fall of 2021 and whose parents/guardians are full time residents of the Parke County REMC service area, are eligible to apply for one of seven scholarships, each worth $1,000. One scholarship is awarded to each of our 7 districts.

  • Must have a high school grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale during the first semester of their senior year.

  • Award to be on a full-time status.


Jan. 15, 2021

Important Details:

This scholarship application requires you to submit several documents and get information from your guidance counselor or administrator to be included with your application. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS, OR APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

The complete list of needed documents is in the checklist included in the guidelines which can be downloaded below.




First, download the Guidelines and Checklist so you will know what documents you will need to submit with your application online.


  1. Read all the guidelines

  2. Write your essay

  3. Have a digital copy of your resume ready to upload.


Once you have your essay, and resume ready, scroll down to complete the application online and upload all your supporting documents with the form below. After you have completed and submitted your online application, an email will be automatically sent to your guidance counselor with information about the Academic Report they need to complete and submit on your behalf.




First, download and print the Full Application, which includes the Guidelines, a Checklist and an Academic Report that you will need to submit with your application.

AFTER you have downloaded and printed the application read all pages completely, then give a copy of the Academic Report to your high school counselor or to some other administrator in your high school for completion. Make arrangements to pick it up when it is completed, and include it with your mailed application. 

Submit the full packet of printed material to:

Parke County REMC
Attn: Madison Cooper
119 W. High St.
Rockville, IN 47872