Prepaid Electric Service

Prepaid Electric Service Program

For some people a "pay as you go" system is easier to budget, then waiting until the end of the month to see what you owe for your electric bill. And, since you are paying as you use, no deposit is required for this type of account. An initial payment of at least $25 must be paid to activate a prepay account. The only requirement after this is that a credit balance is maintained on the account to prevent disconnection of the service. You make payments at your own discretion.

Prepay accounts are billed daily instead of monthly like a traditional account. The amount that is billed on any given day is for usage two days prior. For example, on a Monday, you are actually being billed for Saturday’s usage.

Electric service will be subject to immediate disconnection if at any time the account does not have a credit balance. If service is disconnected, any outstanding balance, the minimum amount of $25 to reactivate the account and a reconnect fee of $75 must be paid before service will be restored. If your service is disconnected for more than 3 days, you must contact the office during normal business hours to have it reconnected. Service will be restored the next business day.

You will not receive a traditional monthly bill.

Prepaid accounts are not eligible for payment arrangements

If a returned check or charge-back is received on the account, the amount of the return and a return item fee will be charged back to the member’s account immediately. If this causes the credit on the account to be exhausted, service will be disconnected within 24 hours.

If at any time, a prepaid member wants to convert the prepaid account to a regular billed account; a deposit must be paid based on two times the highest bill  of the location.

Payments may be made in the office, over the phone, through our payment portal, or by mail.