Member Info

Being a Parke County REMC member means you are part of an electric cooperative. You OWN Parke County REMC and can receive benefits such as Capital Credits, and you may participate in Director Elections, to elect fellow members to sit on the board of directors. Scroll down for more info about being a REMC Member.

Annual Meeting

Each year, Parke County REMC invites all its members to gather for a business meeting, family activities, a free meal, and  to elect directors to help guide the direction of the co-op.

Get more info about the Annual Meeting.


Parke County REMC is owned by the people it serves, and is guided by a set of guideline and bylaws put in place by the member-elected board of directors. Download a copy of the REMC Bylaws.

Capital Credits 

Because Parke County REMC is a co-op, we are a "not-for-profit" business. That means after all expenses are paid, and if the co-op is in good financial standing, excess money is returned to the members in the form of Capital Credits. We have a list of members who have captial credits due them. 

If your name appears on the list, please contact the office. If you recognize a name and know where that person is, please have him or her contact our office. Need more info? Check out our FAQs on Capital Credits.

The capital credits of a deceased member can be paid to the heir of the deceased member’s estate. Please call a member of Parke County REMC’s Capital Credits Team to discuss more. Various documents will be required by the estate representative to be filed with Parke County REMC:


  • Affidavit for Payment of Capital Credit (form provided by Parke County REMC)

  • IRS W-9 form if refund exceeds $600 (form provided by Parke County REMC)

To claim funds, please contact us by calling the cooperative’s office between 7:30 am and 4:30pm weekdays at 800-537- 3913. Please reference your call as concerning unclaimed capital credits.

Please Click Here for Unclaimed Captial Credits List

Undeliverable Checks

We have a list of members or former members who should be receiving a refund. We have been unable to deliver these funds due to insufficient addresses on file for these members. Please follow the link to see if you or someone you know is on the list.

Please Click Here for Undeliverable Checks

Rate Schedules

Effective January 2022

(Click the links below to open a PDF with details about each rate class.)

Single Phase General Service Rate                                               Rate 1

Three Phase Medium Commercial Rate                                      Rate 2

Three Phase Large Commercial Rate                                           Rate 3, 4

Three Phase Large Off-Peak Rate (not available)                     Rate 5, 6

Three Phase Irrigation Rate                                                            Rate 7, 8

Security Lighting Service                                                                 Rate 9

Three Phase Small Commercial Rate                                            Rate 10

Single Phase Distributed Generation Rate                                   Rate 11, 12

Single Phase Prepaid Rate                                                               Rate 14

Single Phase Time of Use Rate                                                       Rate 15, 16

Single Phase Renewable Energy Rate                                           Rate 17

Single Phase Distributed Generation Rate Above 25KW          Rate 18 & 19

Interconnection Agreement