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Sign up to add "green energy" to your home's energy use

EnviroWatts Enrollment Form

Yes, I want to help make a difference. I want to enroll in the Parke County REMC EnviroWatts Program, and support the research and use of renewable energy.

I agree to pay the extra charge of $.01 per kilowatt hour for the first 1000 kilowatts, or less, of electricity on my monthly electric bill as indicated below. There is no additional charge for anything over the first 1000 kilowatts.

In order to keep administrative costs to a minimum, we ask that you commit to the program for one year. If you have any questions, please call 800.537.3913.

Account Information

Enter your account number(s), up to five. If you have more than five, please call our office to sign up at 800.537.3913. Account Numbers are not required, but are encouraged for accuracy.


 By checking the box below, I acknowledge that submitting this form constitutes my signature and agreement to the terms of the program.

I hereby apply for and agree to take Enviro-Watts™ electricity service for a minimum of twelve months from the date hereof and shall continue thereafter until Parke County REMC receives at least 30-days written request to discontinue participation in this program.

Thanks for enrolling!

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