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Weatherization Services

Achieve optimum comfort in your home. Schedule your energy audit today!

Here at Parke County REMC our members are closer than ever to attaining ideal levels of comfort in their homes. With access to home energy audits and weatherization advice, members can now save money on heating and cooling costs while keeping their families comfortable.

By diagnosing weatherization problems, homeowners can save money on utility costs and stay comfortable. Rather than using a space heater in every room of the house, homeowners are encouraged to call us to learn more about the services by this program.

Have questions? Please contact the office and we will be happy to assist you.

To begin the process, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Step One: Call the REMC

    Call us at 765-569-3282 or 800-537-3913, and ask to speak with our energy advisor. He will explain how the program works and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

  2. Step Two: Schedule an Energy Audit

    Our energy auditor will schedule the appointment and arrive at your home to examine energy use and efficiency during a three to five hour audit. Our auditor will:

    • Look at heating, cooling, lighting and appliances
    • Examine sealing in attics and at foundations and other places
    • Check for proper ventilation
    • Explain recommended improvements
    • Provide suggestions to help you balance safety, need and cost
    • Prepare a report with detailed recommendations for you or your contractors
  3. Step Three: Improve your Home

    Our Energy Services Specialist can make site specific energy conservation recommendations or refer you to trained, experienced technicians from local contractors as needed.

    Areas of expertise include attic, wall, crawlspace and duct system insulation; air sealing by way of blower door testing, interior air sealing and ventilation; building diagnostics and design, which includes infrared scans, duct diagnosis and repair, combustion appliances, utility bill analysis and energy audits to identify measures to save consumers energy; and finally, HVAC needs including system evaluations and balancing, duct system evaluation, sealing and heating and air conditioning system repair and replacement.

    Common repairs based on the audit include home sealing in places such as the crawlspace and attic. The prepared report will explain all repair suggestions and help prioritize based on safety, need and cost.

Have a question about energy or home comfort? The answer is as close as Parke County REMC. Our Energy Services Specialist can provide helpful information and answers about using energy more efficiently and making your home even more comfortable. It’s another way that we provide free advice when you want it and help when you need it.