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Using Electricity Safely

Electrical power gives us light, heat, refrigeration and the energy to operate countless modern appliances and equipment. However, electricity can also kill when used unwisely. Please follow these safety tips and teach children good safety rules as early as possible. Click here for indoor safety tips.

Underground Lines

If you plan to dig near any of our underground lines, please call Holey Moley, at least 48 hours before you dig, it's the law. Holey Moley will arrange for underground wires and cables to be located. This service is free. CALL 1-800-382-5544.

Overhead Lines

Remember to stay clear of overhead lines when moving ladders, television antennas, grain augers or other tools or equipment around power lines. Treat all lines as if they were "live" and "dangerous," and never assume a line is "dead." Report any trees that have fallen on the power lines. Keep away from downed lines. Never pick up a wire or cable of any size. These situations are potentially hazardous, so take necessary precautions to keep others out of the area. Call Parke County REMC immediately if you see hazardous situations.

Safety First

Parke County REMC reminds you to always think about safety first when working around high voltage electric lines and equipment. Remember to always look up and look out for power lines when working outdoors. Coming into contact with energized equipment or power lines can seriously hurt or even kill you.

Stay away from power lines when you are using aluminum ladders, tree trimming equipment, poles of any kind to harvest fruit, or other tools that extend above your head.

Trees, tree branches, vines and brush are also good conductors of electricity. Electrical shock can occur through indirect contact when trees or tree branches have grown into or close to energized power lines or equipment.

When cutting trees or trimming trees on your property always be aware and locate any electric lines and utility equipment that may come in contact with the tree or branches being cut. Electrical shock can occur through indirect contact.

When planting trees on your property, we recommend and ask you to refrain from planting trees closer than 25 feet from poles, guy wires or other energized equipment. Always be sure to have all underground lines and utilities located before you dig. There may be underground electrical hazards that you are unaware of where you plan to dig.

A good rule of thumb is to always treat electrical lines, guy wires and utility equipment as energized and hazardous and avoid direct or indirect contact. Never take a chance with your life! Should you have trees, limbs, vines or brush that have grown into or close to the electric lines or equipment, please contact us for assistance.

During a storm it is not uncommon for trees to fall during high winds, rain and other conditions. If a tree or tree branch falls into power lines or other energized equipment, stay away from the tree and energized equipment. Do not attempt to touch or remove the tree and contact us immediately.

Meter Bases and Dogs

Do not locate dogs near the meter bases. This hinders our employees from being able to maintain electrical service to the home or business.

Signs on Poles

Any sign attached to a power pole is dangerous and illegal. Nails, tacks and rusty staples endanger linemen who climb these poles.