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Billing Fees and Information

Parke County REMC is always striving to meet the needs of the consumer-member through quality of service and prompt customer service with a smile. Whether your needs are residential, seasonal, general, commercial or industrial, our customer service department is working to provide you with answers to your questions, as well as, providing many billing options and services that are available today. Please visit the menu bar and select Pay Your Bill/Payment Programs. This section will describe the many billing programs that may benefit your situation.

Under Billing Fees and Information section, we will briefly explain what makes up a bill and how the billing process works. Also, we have explained the fees and how they may apply to a particular situation. At Parke County REMC, we want to educate you on the investment you have trusted to the cooperative and benefits it creates.

Residential Billing

Billing includes residential, seasonal or general service which is billed on a monthly basis. To better understand the electric bill charges, we have included below a breakdown of electricity usage, consumer charge, power cost adjustment, and state tax.

Electricity usage is based upon the monthly reading and specified rate. The difference between this month’s reading and last month’s reading equals the kilowatt hour (kwh) usage. Total kwh usage multiplied by the rate per kwh equals the usage charge.

The power cost adjustment, which is established on a quarterly basis, is dependent upon Wabash Valley Power Association. In general, it is based on fuel cost associated with generation & distribution of power.

The consumer charge is separate from the basic cost of electricity. This includes the cost of providing service from personnel to equipment and buildings necessary to deliver the best possible service.

Also, listed on your bill statement is a month-by-month bar chart of electricity energy usage over the last 13 months. If you should have further questions, please contact Parke County REMC Customer Service Associates, who are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your bill.

Demand Billing

Commercial, industrial, and irrigation accounts are billed with the same charges as above but based on demand. Demand charge will vary from account to account depending upon the peak amount of energy that the account demands. This can benefit the member and cooperative based on leveling the peak over a period of time.

Meter Readings

All meters are read on a daily basis by Parke County REMC. We have implemented an AMR (Automated Meter Reading) system utilizing Hunt Technologies Turtle Modules. The Turtle module sends the meter reading through the electrical line to a central processing unit which stores the meter reading every night. The REMC is able to retrieve these meter readings remotely from the office for every meter each night.


  • Fewer estimated meter readings due to weather or obstructed meters.

  • Since each meter is read daily, there is more consistency in the number of days of billing.

  • Electrical usage can now be provided in a daily format vs. a monthly format.

  • Outage information can be viewed by our office during large outage situations.

  • Outages can be detected by Parke County REMC with out the home owner being present.

  • Members can see if they have power to the home by simply seeing if the light is flashing under the meter glass. If there is no flashing light the home does not have power.

Late Energy Payment Fees Bills are calculated between the present and previous month's reading. The due date depends on the member billing cycle and payment must be paid in full, or will be subject to a delinquent charge. The delinquent charge is added the day after the due date of the billing cycles listed below. Delinquent accounts are charged a penalty amounting to 10% of the first $3.00 and 3% of the balance over $3.00 on energy, fuel, and security light amounts on current unpaid amounts on or before the due date. Please allow five days for mailing. Failure to receive bill does not relieve obligation of amount due.


Cycle 1 Due Date: 28th of each month
Cycle 2 Due Date: 7th of each month
Cycle 3 Due Date: 14th of each month
Cycle 4 Due Date: 21st of each month
Cycle 15 Due Date: 21st of each month
Return Check and echeck Fee

Members are notified by phone or mail if a check or echeck is returned for non-sufficient funds. The account will be automatically charged a $30.00 Return Check Fee. The fee is based on the Consumer Credit Code. Returned checks must be replaced with cash, money order, or credit card.

Credit Card Denial Fee

Members participating in the Reoccurring Credit Card Plan are subject to Credit Card Denial Fees of $30.00 per credit card transaction. It is the members responsibility to contact the office 24 hours prior to your billing statement due date to avoid charges. Denial of credit card can occur due to expiration date, cancellation of credit card, incorrect information supplied by the customer application, or overdraft of credit line depending on credit card type. Members will be notified by phone or mail if a credit card payment was denied for any of the above reasons. To avoid late penalties or fees, please contact the office at (765) 569-3133 OR (800) 537-3913 when credit card information has changed.

Automatic Bank Draft Denial Fee

Members participating in the Automatic Bank Draft Plan are subject to ACH Denial Fees of $30.00 per bank draft transaction. It is the members responsibility to contact the office 24 hours prior to the billing statement due date to avoid charges. Denial of bank draft can occur if there is insufficient funds, cancellation of account, incorrect information supplied by the customer application, or changes were made to bank draft information while enrolled in program. Members will be notified by phone or mail if a bank draft was denied for any of the above reasons. To avoid late penalties or fees, please contact the office at (765) 569-3133 or (800) 537-3913 when bank draft information has changed.

Reconnect Fees

Reconnect fees apply only to member accounts which are subject to disconnect for nonpayment reasons. If full payment is not received in the office by disconnect date on the bill, the member's account will be subject to disconnect. All past due energy arrears & fees are required to be paid to the REMC office during regular office hours of 7:30 am- 4:30 pm. Collection of electric payments by a field representative is prohibited. All members are notified by invoice the due dates and amounts owed for monthly service provided by Parke County REMC. As a courtesy, an attempt is made to send an automated phone message to prompt members subject to disconnect.

Online payments, for accounts subject to disconnect, should complete transaction before 7:30 am of Parke County REMC time zone to avoid disconnect. Customers completing online transactions after 7:30 am of disconnect day are required to contact the office for reconnection and will be subject to reconnect fees. This also applies to REMC Night Box, which is located at the REMC and has 24 hours access. Payments made in Night Box after 7:30 am will be considered next day's business. To avoid disconnect, please contact a Customer Service Associate in the office to confirm payment and reconnection. Please take the time to visit Online Payment or View Bill options to check your information online or contact the office at (765)569-3133 or (800)537-3913 to confirm your information and phone number.

If you need assistance with your payments, you are encouraged to contact the office regarding payment arrangements. If any arrangement is broken by the member, no arrangements will be made with that member for a period of 4 months following broken arrangements. For further information on energy assistance and community programs, please note the phone numbers below:

Rockville (EAP) Office

114 S. 13th Street, Terre Haute IN 47807

Clay County Office

20 N. Sherman, Brazil IN 47834

Covington Office

418 Washington St., PO Box 188, Covington, IN 47932

Crawfordsville Office

201 East Jefferson, Suite 200, Crawfordsville, IN 47933

Parke County Office

106 S. Market St, Rockville IN 47872

Putnam County Office

620 Tenn. Ave., Greencastle IN 46135

Vigo County Office

1101 S. 13th St., Terre Haute IN 47802

Once service is disconnected for nonpayment, reconnection will not be made until the member pays in full all delinquent bills and reconnect fees. A deposit equal to one sixth (1/6) of the annual bill may also be required before service is restored.

Seasonal Reconnect Fee

If a billing account is reconnected within a year or less, the account will be charged a seasonal reconnect fee which is equal to the consumer charge multiplied by the number of months the service has been disconnected. This is in addition to a regular reconnect fee required to cover transportation and labor costs. The seasonal fee is required to cover the maintenance of lines while the service is off.

The member is responsible for all expenses incurred by Parke County REMC related to delinquent accounts.


Where an applicant's credit is not established to the satisfaction of the Cooperative, or where the credit of a Member with the Cooperative has become impaired or where the Cooperative deems it necessary, a deposit, or other guarantee, satisfactory to the Cooperative, may be required as security for the payment of future and final bills, before the Cooperative shall render or continue to render service. The Cooperative in its discretion may require a deposit for contribution in aid of construction.

A deposit in the amount of two times the highest monthly bill of the customer’s annual billings will be charged as follows:

Existing Member:

  1. If individual was previously a Parke County REMC member, and owes an outstanding bill.

  2. If the member is disconnected for non-payment.

  3. If the member has found to be involved with meter tampering or theft of electricity.

As a member of Parke County REMC, a credit risk report will be produced to verify social security number and credit risk. The following reasons support credit risk checks:

  1. A deposit will be required for members whom do not provide social security identification purposes.

  2. If situation is deemed necessary for accuracy of current member account information.

  3. Request for new service.

New Member:

All new members will be subject to a credit risk check, which will verify social security number and credit risk of new member listed on the application. A deposit may be required according to credit history or upon refusal to provide a social security number. The deposit will also per meter.

Three levels of deposits required are listed below:

  • Waived $ 0.00
  • Minimum $150.00
  • Maximum: two times the highest monthly bill

The credit bureau used to conduct credit checks for Parke County REMC is Experian. If REMC is unable to waive your deposit at the time of membership, you may obtain the contents of your Experian credit file. Simply reply to the letter provided at the time of membership requesting a copy of credit report. This will entitle the member to a copy of the credit file, free of charge, if received by Experian within 60 days of the credit check. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires Experian response within 30 days of request. The address is provided below:


Attn: NCAC
P.O. Box 9600
Allen, TX 75013

Deposit refund Guidelines (12-3-02)

A deposit held for one year will automatically be refunded on the thirteenth month, including 1% interest after 12 months, toward the billing account if the following conditions are met:

  1. No bad check code on the account (permanent code)

  2. No actual cut code on the account (permanent code)

Billing history per meter is based on the most recent twelve month period. When three or more nonpayment disconnects (cut code) or delinquent penalties (delq code) appear on account the refund will be declined. When the member is final billed for services the deposit will be applied to the unpaid balance and remaining balance will be refunded at that time.

Tampering Fee

Parke County REMC will pursue prosecution and charge a fee to the responsible person(s) for the intentional damage to Parke County REMC property and the theft of electricity. Under the following provisions:

  1. Meter tampering / theft of electricity

  2. If a meter or service entrance is found to have been damaged or tampered with and an investigation determines such to exist, disconnection of service will follow. These occurrences could be reported to the appropriate local law enforcement personnel.

  3. The customer name(s), which appears on the account, will be responsible and may be considered as the responsible party, unless investigation leads to believe that someone other than the customer is responsible. If the customer is deemed to be the responsible party, the customer’s service will be disconnected at the time the tampering is discovered and a meter tampering fee of $150.00 will be charged to the customer’s account. The amount of stolen electricity will be estimated based upon past usage and added to customer’s account. Before the meter will be reconnected, the customer must pay the meter tampering fee, the estimated electricity charges, a deposit of one sixth annual consumption, and any other charges, which may have been related to previous disconnection.

Average Bill Inquiry

For new occupants or real estate agents, please contact the office for average billing information. A Parke County REMC Customer Service Associate will be happy to assist you. Make note that cost could be higher or lower according to difference in number of family members, size of appliances, and weather conditions, which are just a few examples.